Our Technology

Your websites ability to produce a steady source of organic (FREE) home buyer and seller visits and leads will depend on its ability to achieve high search engine placement on a variety of keywords. The real estate sector is one of the most competitive areas to win on the world wide web, and will require a focused and strategic effort, and your websites ability to rank is the result of several factors:

  1. Having the most optimized on-page website architecture for the search engines. This includes the effective use of an optimized page structure, optimized page titles, effective use of keyword strategy (don't go after too aggressive of keywords to quickly).
  2. Having high quality hand written content on your key pages, with proper keyword utilization (not too much and not too little), consisting of 300-400 words.
  3. Having the most optimized display of MLS IDX data. (99% of real estate websites fail in this category).
  4. Building "Google Trusted" high quality "back links" pointing to the main traffic pages on your site. This can be accomplished through the proper use of social media, effective use of videos placed strategically in high ranking video directories, and blogging to high ranking sources that allow links to be followed to your website (such as ActiveRain, RealtyLightPost, Realtown, etc...).

Dynamic Page Solutions is a full service SEO (search engine optimization) company and takes great pride in providing real estate brokers and agents with not only the most optimized website architecture, but with the most optimized display of MLS listings available anywhere in the industry (with patents-pending). Please understand that having the fastest car doesn't always guarantee that you will win the race, and that even the fastest cars require fuel (which in this case comes in the form of original content and high authority links pointed to your pages). It is because of this reality that Dynamic Page Solutions strives to provide the broker or agent with the best training, tools and resources in the industry, along with a leading-edge technology website that will always keep you one step ahead of your competition and the changing Google alogrithms. Our training department provides regular training videos, detailed webinars and easy to follow instructions on things you can do to maximize your lead generating efforts, and generate a consistent flow of internet traffic and leads.

Realtor Websites with Advanced Real Estate Technology

The real estate technology developed by Dynamic Page Solutions makes MLS listing information available to the search engines. Typical framed IDX solutions that appear on realtor websites are visually integrated but not functionally integrated. This means that the listings that appear on a website are viewable to human visitors, but not to the search engines that scan a site for content.

This flaw in real estate marketing has been corrected through our technology. The reason that search engine "bots" visit websites is to examine and index the information available at that Internet address. The information is then returned to the search engines master database and indexed or archived to create a record of what is available on that site for searcher's queries.

When someone performs a search on the Internet, the search engine is able to match specific queries to sites that contain relevant data or information to the searchers query. Without the functional integration of the MLS data into pages that appear on a website, the information that describes a property is effectively non-existent to the search engines. A website will not be credited for having detailed information on a property or relevant content within to match real estate related queries about specific property types, features, addresses and MLS numbers. Realtor websites without functional integration of the MLS data will have tremendous difficulty ranking for niche specific keywords and phrases.

Our real estate technology creates separation of MLS data into optimized, feature specific packages which allows search engines to quickly and easily ascertain what our websites are about. The bots find a tightly themed and organized format when they visit which eliminates any need for interpretation on the bots part and requires less back links to define the content of the site.