Ad Maker Tools

Ad Maker Tools

Real Estate Buyer Leads within Minutes!

You'll be absolutely amazed at the number of buyers you will attract with the right Craigslist ad!

Ad Maker Tool uses special ad formulas, developed from months of research and testing, that significantly increases the number of buyers that respond to your ads!

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Go Big Realtor

Private Print & Mail Web Store with Your "Branded" Real Estate Marketing Materials

A complete suite of professionally created "Real Estate" Marketing Materials for your organization, franchise or group.


Users can customize materials by using our simple & easy to use design studio. Each marketing piece automatically places the users personal profile on every piece (ie. Name, Website, Telephone, eMail etc... including logos, photos). A user can customize the marketing piece by changing the text or photos & broker logo. Users can upload their own data into their private library or "Acquire a Data List" and assign filters such as "radius zip code," "demographic," "age," "income," "residence or business" etc.


GoBig Realtor's partner program is an easy and cost-effective solution for providing your organization, franchise or group with pre-created and branded marketing materials for the Real Estate Professional. Your organization logs into a Private- "White Label" Site filled with Real Estate Marketing Products. Your Broker logo is automatically placed on every piece. Combined with an easy-to-use design center and customization tools, you can have confidence that you are offering your organization Real Estate Marketing Materials for optimal success - all the while protecting your brand.

Description of Service

  • Buyers club discounted pricing
  • Simple, "Easy-to-use" design center with your Marketing Material built on our "Smart TemplatesTM"
  • Private portal to protect your valuable marketing content from the competition
  • 24/7 web-based access to your marketing material
  • State of the art print and direct mail facility
  • A complete suite of Real Estate Marketing Materials with your Broker Logo on every piece
  • Branded landing page for your users to see pricing, information & demos
  • Monthly reporting and analysis
  • Discounts and special promotional tools

Real Estate Marketing solutions that work for your business. "A Real value-ad for any office"

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Add Wise Agent to your DPS site

Client Management System

Wise Agent is our preferred client management provider for the following reasons:

  • No contract! (Great minds with good products think alike)
  • 24-hour support!
  • Multiple users can be logged into one account (super for teams)
  • Every file is customizable
  • Every task gets date stamped when completed
  • Day planner can be hooked up to cell or email
  • Unlimited document storage – documents don’t get dumped
  • All features are included!
  • Fusion Web Page – Create a web page for your client to view all updates on their transaction branded to you!
  • Print media – drip email, stock templates, letters, newsletters, print flyers (tons to choose from)
  • Attach big documents that are then turned into links (no need to send multiple emails because files are too large).
  • Post listings and updates directly to Facebook via Wise Agent
  • And these are just a few of the fantastic features available!

Use the promo code: DYNAMIC when setting up your account, (all uses of promo code are verified as our actual customers). Please make sure to let your customer service representative know your user name once you’ve set up an account and we’ll be able to synch up your Wise Agent account with your DPS website.

Visual Shows

Personalized Internet Commercials

The executive staff at has a background in the Real Estate industry and knows exactly what today's agents need to take their business to the next level! We have recognized the fact that current statistics say over 80 percent of prospective homebuyers begin their search for a home on the Internet. is a website designed specifically for real estate agents to assist them in creating spectacular internet commercials then placing them throughout the internet for maximum online exposure!

Web Real Estate Marketing

Web Real Estate Marketing

“Use online real estate marketing tools to attract buyers and sellers and Learn more about real estate marketing on the web.

Web Real Estate Tools offers advice to both seasoned real estate agents who want to want to leverage Web 2.0 and improve their existing online social media efforts using Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and WordPress and for brand new Realtors we have special advice for you.

Realtors – integrate social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogging in your online marketing – we can show you exactly how to combine all your efforts for maximum effect!”