SEO Glossary for Realtors

mathematical formula used by Google and other search engines to determine if a website is providing unique, relevant content related to the search topic
Anchor Text:
the words that become hyperlinks on a website; can significantly boost a site’s SEO potential, so it must be both reader-friendly and search engine-optimized
Duplicate Content (“Dupe”):
content that a search engine would recognize as copied from other websites or any research resource (see also Plagiarism)
the most respected and reliable search engine, they produce the most relevant results pages. Their technology, which includes sophisticated artificial intelligence, sets the standards for all others in the field and is thus the primary focus of DPS.
put a headline at the top of the page or article, plus additional headlines at the top of every one to two paragraphs, depending on their length
a word used when querying search engines, such as “condo” or “Phoenix”
Keyword Phrase:
two or more topic-related words that create common search term (e.g.: Phoenix condos; Phoenix real estate; homes for sale in Phoenix)
Long-Tail Keyword:
even more specific, topic-related phrases that correspond to a niche market (e.g.: Phoenix luxury condos; Chandler golf properties; Scottsdale real estate in McCormick Ranch); awkward ones can be broken by a period or comma and spread across two sentences
Multiple Listing Service (MLS):
a regional database that contains real estate listings for all realtors in that region (sale and rent); each has a region-specific name/acronym
exact or similar wording, structure and ideas from another source that you try to pass off as your own; this is a serious matter both legally and commercially and is grounds for termination by DPS (see also Duplicate Content).
Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
creating websites with unique content and design features specifically to achieve better visibility on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)
the preferred method of organizing information on a website, ranging from the most generic to the most specific information on each given topic
Adapt previously written content for a new purpose or assignment while conscientiously avoiding plagiarism and duplicate content